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Buy Me, Master

Lacey Field as nude redhead slave girl in cage

Their style of flirtation was peculiar.

“How beautiful thou art, O Maryam!-what eyes!-what-“

“Then why,”-would respond the lady-“don’t you buy me?”

“We are of one faith-of one creed-formed to form each other’s happiness.”

“Then why don’t you buy me?”

“Conceive, O Maryam, the blessing of two hearts-“

“Then why don’t you buy me?”

and so on. Most effectual gag to Cupid’s eloquence! Yet was not the plain-spoken Maryam’s reply without its moral. How often is it our fate, in the West as in the East, to see in bright eyes and to hear from rosy lips an implied, if not an expressed, “Why don’t you buy me?” or, worse still, “Why can’t you buy me?”

Sir Richard Francis Burton visits an Egyptian slave dealer



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