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Feverish Merriment

Public Amusement

Turjan threaded the rainbow of silk, velour, sateen, watching the play with amusement. On a terrace some stood looking into a sunken pool where a pair of captured Deodands, their skins like oiled jet, paddled and glared; others tossed darts at the spread-eagled body of a young Cobalt Mountain witch. In alcoves beflowered girls offered synthetic love to wheezing old men, and elsewhere others lay stupefied by dream-powders…. They were gay, these people of waning Earth, feverishly merry, for infinite night was close at hand, when the red sun should finally flicker and go black.

The Dying Earth – Jack Vance

© 2013, Andrew Conway. All rights reserved.

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Posted in Bondage and Fantasies and Public by Andrew on January 25th, 2013 at 6:28 am.

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